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Every improvement a man has ever engineered, started with imagination, with the desire to create a utopian world.

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Daniel Develay, CEO (L) & Olivier Biancarelli, CEO (R)


My ambition is to drive a leading company that is ready to anticipate the trends of this complex world, which evolves at a fast pace. With a zesty portion of imagination, we are certain to succeed.” Olivier Biancarelli, CEO

Tractebel, facts and figures

Our expertise extends across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, allowing us to rise to your most demanding challenges with the same high-quality design, consulting and project management services, no matter where your projects are.





in wich we have projects









Engineering News Record publishes ranking of the largest construction and design firms based on general contracting export revenue.



782 water & hydro power projects*

1972 infrastructure & environment projects*

417 wind farms*

350 solar parks*

488 energy consultancy, digital & decentralised energy solutions*

659 operation support, advanced technologies & decommissioning projects*

517 HV substations & transmission lines*

By uniting expertise with imagination, we wish to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. A more harmonious progress underlines our mission to shape the world of tomorrow, striving continuously to make a positive change for people and the planet. Men and women all over the world are driven by the desire to design and deploy solutions that combine performance and sustainability. Meet and greet our imaginative builders.

“Women bring a different energy to the game.”

Cristina Romero,
Scrum Master

“Data generates value. And we can easily make it available through clear dashboards and a simple web browser.”

Tom De Leus,
GIS Expert Sustainable Urban Development

“The 360° city scan is a kind of guide which allows us to talk freely about the future development of your city.”

Charlemagne Danoh,
Business Development Manager

“I was so proud of being a finalist of the Young Mission Critical Engineer of the Year Award.”

Tom McDonagh,
Mechanical Engineer

“By transforming the symbolic site of Chernobyl into a solar plant, we can turn the page to a bright new future.”

Caroline Tjengdrawira,
Senior Project Manager Solar Power

“The Smart City Mission is the most comprehensive programme to transform towns into sustainable cities of tomorrow.”

Vivek Sehgal,
CEO Tractebel India

“To ride for such a purpose, knowing that our efforts were truly changing people's lives, was a real privilege.”

Nick Vaney,
Chief Technical Officer

“If you can meet your duties in a respectful way, you will be appreciated.”

Ariadne Szekut,
Product Manager Energy Transition


3 x buget

During NextEnergy Beijing, we had the chance to ask three short questions to Lu Liu, General Manager of BUGET.

Who is BUGET? “Beijing United Gas Engineering & Technology, abbreviated as BUGET, was founded 24 years ago. Our business covers consultancy, detailed design, scientific research and EPC services, as well as project supervision regarding heating and cooling, gas, energy-savings and compound energy-usage technologies.”

What makes you partner up with Tractebel? “We have already known you for a long time and wish to further strengthen and deepen our cooperation. Just a few months ago, we worked together on the feasibility study for the district cooling system in Shenzhen, with a maximum capacity of almost 50,000 RT one of the biggest district cooling installations in the world. And just now we won the bid as consultant and are in the contract signing process. Tractebel’s NextEnergy client event here in Beijing shows your firm’s appetite to better understand and explore the Chinese market. I feel honoured to be invited and to meet your CEO, business developers and experts.”

How do you see the future gas market? “In Beijing, gas consumption is mainly used for winter heating supplies. I do not believe that gas will be the main driver for the future. Renewables will be the trend, also in China. The consumption of fossil fuels will gradually decrease. Gas will, however, still be used and developed in the short term. As part of the energy transition, it has a fundamental place in the energy mix.”

By investing in research on promising new energy technologies, including studies on carbon capture and storage, smart energy and cities of tomorrow, we can prototype innovative solutions for the future.

In 2017, we were very happy to welcome ENGIE Laborelec, a leading expertise and research centre in electrical power technology. Drawing on the skills of 240 specialised engineers and technicians, ENGIE Laborelec is active across the whole electricity value chain and backs a large set of customers in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use of electricity, with a particular focus on decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Besides, we continuously try to come up with new ideas to save energy, to improve processes or to make the energy transition happen.

Demonstration of Grid Balancing

Advanced control functions are implemented and tested in a 141 MW PV plant to provide essential balancing services, providing RES based flexibility to the electric system.

Bifacial Project in Chile

By using bifacial solar modules we can generate electric power at both sides of PV panels and increase the energy production up to 25%.


AssuRED is a web application which provides climate classification information and the associated Power Usage Effectiveness of a data centre in a given location for different weather conditions.

Complex numerical modelling

Sustained heavy spillage has created an extensive plunge pool. Complex numerical modelling and simulation made it possible to launch the rehabilitation of the Kariba dam to ensure its continued safe operation.


amazing experts

Get more insight into the studies of our experts. Feel free to dive deeper by downloading the abstract or executive summary.

Climate change

Bart Pannemans, Senior Advisor IMDC is developing a new drought tool, combining the best available models for groundwater, soil water and surface water. Thanks to the data coming from soil moisture sensors and open data sets, the model gives better insights in the onset of droughts, both at farmer plots and in waterways. The model is fed with both historical data and climate change projections to identify vulnerable regions and river catchments. The model will complement the current drought indicator available at the VMM website. “We strongly believe that widespread free data opens a myriad of possibilities to new solutions for territories, cities and citizens.”

Have a look at the current drought indicator

Energy transmission

Romani Fahmi, Senior Power Systems Engineer The paper Strategic Development of Wide Area Monitoring on the Main Interconnected System in Oman studies the interconnection of regional power networks and suggests implementing a Wide Area Monitoring System to increase the observability and controllability of Oman’s grid in real time.

Download the summary of the study


Abbas Tavallali, Senior Engineer This paper reviews, summarises and proposes a new approach for slope stability safety factors covered from different standards to provide a clear overview of acceptable safety factors for future geotechnical designs of breakwaters. “Not only was our proposed guideline for the stability safety factors of a breakwater was an added value for our client, we also received very positive international feedback. We are confident that our approach is a sound basis for a new standard in this field!”

Read the paper



“... because we can streamline the plant’s design by taking full advantage of the model. We can solve clashes at an early stage, saving precious time and money. Thanks to the model, we can also easily foresee enough space for construction workers to safely access the equipment. The powerful 3D visualisation helps our client to immediately get a clear understanding of how his power plant will appear, which helps him and us in communicating with the project’s stakeholders, making the discussions more transparent and smoother.”

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Rafael Moraes,
Architect and BIM implementation manager


Sabien Vermeulen, Chief legal, ethics and compliance officer
“We are in the process of obtaining the ISO 37001 ethics certification: not many companies have it and it will be a competitive advantage to show our customers and stakeholders our adherence to the highest ethical standards.”

Marc Lepièce, Chief executive officer Belgium and associated territories
“This year, I will continue to invest in innovative projects, especially the ones addressing the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. Shaping our world through infrastructures integrating energy and water in a smart way is my dream.”

Christian Pierlot, Chief officer nuclear
“We are developing a unique software, SmartDecom®, based on data management and blockchain solutions to better manage the complexity of decommissioning projects.”

Claudio Maia, Chief executive officer Latin America
“At Latam we have taken ideas from the Innovation Week last year and set up a discussion committee to find ways to promote the best ones to a test scenario. We will continue to do so.”

Michael Marique, Managing director Laborelec
“To remain cutting edge on the market, we will continue to implement our customer focus strategy at Laborelec.”

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